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     You need to know how to read paintings.
They represent coded messages for professionals as well as laymen.
Through their works of art the artists narrate stories, praise, comment, illustrate...
Those may be the whole novels, short stories, poems or only syllables and letters.
     If the artist does not conceal himself behind a completed medium (e.g. photography), which will sort out the relations between the colours and form purity, he must take a stand to every centimetre on the surface (volume).
     Sensitive spectator studies everything, evaluates the word-stock, style, sentence construction. As a mathematician one can replace the numbers by artistic ideas, symbols - known or unknown and calculates the result of the painting (sculpture) equation.
He or she considers the feelings, revises knowledge.

     For me, many paintings are stories of the landscapes.
As it holds a mirror (broken) up to the types of faces and human figures. There are creatures, ghosts of the trees, smiling frogs, monsters, goblins' eyes hiddden in it. Alleys have their own lords - proud or sad, clowns, hooded dwarves, different crowds... Optical magic in the sky, water, stones, stems, branches, leaves, that is the world full of people, animals and other entities as well as geometrical patterns – areal and spatial.
     It looks like everything what we see is varied moving and multiform curtain. We perceive the scene behind it according to the present state of mind as well as to the general personal characteristics.
     When I start working on a new painting, energy starts – is being born (as a child). I enjoy working with colours, new lines on paper. I am joyfully looking forward to the result. I am carried away when thinking about the achieved quality. As the knowledge expands solution is more complicated. The intention must be taken into pieces and strenuously put together again (or in other way?).
     The result is a relief although it can be a disillusion. It is rarely only a satisfaction. The process of creation of a picture has finished its life.
I quickly start another one...