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Slovenské pohlady 9/2010

Slovenské pohžady 9/2010

Interview with Uljana Zmetáková.
She is the daughter of a prominent Slovak artist - a painter, a graphic artist and an illustrator Ernest Zmeták and she has set out in his steps.


Zo zákulisia ciest


You need to know how to read paintings.
They represent coded messages for professionals as well as laymen.
Through their works of art the artists narrate stories, praise, comment, illustrate...


Zo zákulisia ciest

From the backroom of the travels

My father used to arrive to Italy with crowds of tourists who besiege this beautiful country every year.
Sometimes alone, sometimes not.




Flacons, boxes, flaskets, small vases, sweet roses...
These are probably all the objects in small pictures by my favourite Italian painter and graphic artist Giorgio Morandi.